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The Oxonian is our English blog for our new site. While most of the site in in Portuguese, instead of putting static pages in English, we are using a blog style.

We will write English version of the articles in the DICAS sections as as well as the other main pages of the site. The advantage of the bolg style her is that you can add comments and links and interact with the posts much more than with static pages.

Feel free to divulge with your friends and colleagues or post on Twitter or Facebook (there are links for this on each page.

There are a lot of blogs and sites about English learning, some in English and others in Portuguese. Some of the best are a mix of both, great for the Brazilian learner.

However, as the rest of the site is in Portuguese, we will just stick to English in these pages.

Our targets for these blog pages are both beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. We’ll basically write in two styles

1. EASY VOCABULARY (for beginners and intermediate learners). The vocabulary will be easier to read and the posts shorter.

2. REGULAR VOCABULARY (for intermediate and advanced learners).

Feel free to make comments, though we will just ask you to register with us (an email will do) to avoid spaming.

Have a great year!

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